Thursday, September 3, 2009

Start planning your work & social Christmas parties now!

Once September hits it is the right time to starting thinking about planning your work & social Christmas parties!

Remember December is a very busy time of year for venues, restaurants and hotels, so it is a good idea to start planning Christmas parties in advance.

Remember it’s the Five P’s of Planning that will save you time & less stress!


This principle is one to live by!

Selecting the Right Venue

Look at the number of guest and from there select an appropriate venue that will fit your numbers.

If you are unsure of your numbers try to choose a venue that you may be able to increase your numbers if required.

If your numbers are small perhaps use a private dining room within a restaurant.
You may need to consider transport as part of your event.

Food for Thought

Today more than ever special dietary requirements are very important to consider. Ensure you cater for all guests’ regarding allergies and vegetarians etc.

When serving alcoholic drinks, ensure substantial food is served to prevent the obvious occurring.

Plan Suitable Entertainment

Using an Entertainment Agency to source entertainment can be a good idea. As they are in the “industry”, they have qualified and experienced the performers they will be recommending to you.

When booking entertainers ensure you are clear about what you are looking for before you engage in conversation, this will save you time!

Ensure your entertainers are briefed before the event, who are they performing to and any other special requirements.

Entertainers need breaks throughout the night. Schedule their rest breaks into your run sheet.

Important to check the requirements for your entertainers – meals, equipment, audio visual, lighting, stage/space etc.

Always give run sheets to all stakeholders involved (venues, entertainers etc).

Creating Atmosphere

It is important to pitch the event at the right level to the right people.

Things to consider you when creating atmosphere are:

Do you want an all night bash with the importance on dancing and drinking?

Maybe a little bit more low-key? An elegant dining experience in intimate surroundings.

Dress Style

If you are worried about the guest’s attire be specific regarding the dress code.

Be specific – if it’s not an event for sneaker/trainers or jeans then state that.

Remember everyone has different ideas these days as to what “smart casual” is.

If you want your guests to dress up – then state “Dress to Impress” on the invite.

Planning a Christmas Party doesn’t have to be overwhelming, start early and be prepared so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour!

If you do need help planning your Christmas party event THIS is available to lend a hand.

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