Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Going Green – Throw a Green Party with The Party Goddess

I recently saw this clip on my Twitter Buddy www.twitter.com/thepartygoddess (Marley Majcher) YouTube Channel.

The Going Green concept can be overwhelming, so the alternative Marley has come up with is going “Light Green” for your next party!

When I am creating an event I use the 9 R’s when looking at 1) Budget and 2) The Eco Chic Factor:

Recycle, Reuse, Reclaim, Reinvent, Remake, Redesign, Recraft, Recreate & Reduce!

Shop locally for your produce check out Farmers Markets that are close to home!

Use “eco friendly” party products like bamboo items - check out One Earth Outlet!

Use drink tags for glasses to reduce the amount of glasses that are used during your event. Check out my post on How many glasses will I need?

Check out the Thrift Stores, Antique/Second hand Stores & Discount Stores for event decor bargains that have been used or that you can reuse in the future!

Check out The Party Goddess’ tips on Going { light } Green for your next event!

Marley Majcher has a business degree from Georgetown University, went to cooking school in France and travels all over the world seeking inspiration for her L.A. based catering and event planning company, The Party Goddess! Clients include Britney Spears, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Pierce Brosnan, Katherine Heigl and Snoop Dogg as well as notable events like the opening of the Hollywood Bowl and Critics' Choice Awards. Marley has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, and on Fox, CBS, NBC, HGTV, MTV, E!, plus a host of other media outlets. She has taught at industry conventions all over the United States since 2001 and is currently in negotiations for her book titled "...But Are You Making Any Money?" She spends her free time learning from her CFO husband and hanging out with her three kids in Southern California. To learn more about Marley's company, The Party Goddess!, go to: www.thepartygoddess.com

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