Friday, July 31, 2009

Vision Board: Jade Green

Deepest Jade Green!

Afternoon Delight: Pink Gin & Tonic


Wedding Fragrance Friday: Gucci by Gucci

Taking inspiration from both a rich history and a new feminine outlook, Gucci by Gucci is the signature fragrance for the modern day icon - a strong, yet sensual woman driven by both her desire for achievement and her unmistakable feminine allure. The fragrance smolders with a striking patchouli base which makes its entrance early and, like the Gucci woman, leaves a lasting impression.
At the same time, the top of the fragrance emerges with an unexpected and exotic blend of guava and pear, bringing uniqueness and modernity. The heart adds a rich, sensual femininity with the Tahitian Tiare flower bringing creaminess to an unconventional bouquet. Musky notes and honey add sensuality and warmth to the strength of the patchouli.

Family: Mossy Woods

Visit the
Perfume Connection for more information.

Should You Hire a Party Planner?

This is a fab article from Pink Frosting on using a party planner to help create a great event without the stress.

So, you want to host the party of the millennium but don't have the time to make it happen? Or you have a vision of your perfect party but worry that you don't have the skills or experience to make it a reality on your own?

The solution is simple: hire a party planner to help you.

Party planners, party consultants or coordinators can help a hostess with every detail of the planning process, from the moment you settle on a date to the minute the last guest has left.

So what are the benefits of hiring a party planner? Here are the top 8 reasons:

They will probably save you money. Party planners have ties with the best vendors in town, so not only can they recommend the best, they can probably save you money too because they are a repeat client, whereas you will, at best, be an irregular customer.

They know the best and will recommend the best. A party planner will save you time by recommending the best vendors to create the perfect party.

They are organised people. A good party planner will ensure that everything is planned out to perfection, so you don't need to worry about when your deposits are required!

They are creative people. A good party planner can help you turn your dreams into a reality with beautiful decorations, stationery and theming. With their excellent eye for detail and creative flair, they can help you get the most beautiful day for your budget.

They have been there and done that! A good party planner will be able to let you know what works and what doesn't, giving you guidance to create the best event possible.

There is so much to party planning that most people don't even know about until they try and do it themselves... such as placement of the tables, when to send out the invitations, percentage break-down of budget, where to spend and where to save... the list goes on. A good party planner will be able to work through all of these issues with you, saving you precious time and energy.

They will be able to let you know how to get the best party for your budget. Whether it's a small $5,000 budget or an enormous $100,000 budget, your party planner will know how to get the best bang for your buck and can recommend where to spend and where to save.

They will most certainly save you stress on party day. You can focus on having fun! You don't want to worry about whether the florist has turned up on time or whether the marquee is sitting in the right place... let your party planner sort these issues out for you and you won't even need to know there were problems!

Visit Pink Frosting’s website site for more great items!

Pink Frosting is Australia's premier online wedding shop. Buy wedding bomboniere, wedding favors, decorations, cake and cupcake decorations, parasols, party invitations, baby shower decorations, baby gifts, Christmas decorations and more securely online.

Vision Board: Country Style

Down to earth: country style...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Decades of dresses: Fifty years of bridesmaid dresses

By Allecia Vermillion GateHouse News Service Posted Jul 29, 2009 @ 06:23 PM

I came across this article today which I found interesting – to read the full article visit GateHouse News Service.

While today’s bridesmaids generally wear simple, classic styles, bridal attendants of the past weren’t always so lucky.

Cornelia Powell, creator and editor of the online magazine Weddings of Grace, says there were good reasons behind the oversized sleeves, funny hats and bright polyester styles of yesteryear.

Take a look at bridesmaids’ styles of decades past, and the societal factors that influenced them.


Until the late 1960s, bridesmaids’ dresses featured hourglass shapes and a pointy bustline. While lace or adornment was minimal, full skirts and short, tailored sleeves were popular. Bridal parties often wore small hats, some with small tulle veils of their own.


This free-spirited decade marked a major departure from traditional wedding styles. A fashion-forward bride “wouldn’t dare ask her friends to dress in that nonsense,” Powell says.


Princess Diana’s 1981 wedding had a major influence on this era’s bridal styles. Simple and unadorned was out; lace, giant puffed sleeves and billowing fabric were in. The decade’s prosperity and the international craze over the royal marriage meant weddings themselves also became more elaborate.


This decade’s enduring trend was the strapless dress. The daring neckline became popular in the late 1980s and shows no signs of going away. Bridesmaid styles generally improved during these years, as mainstream fashion designers started doing wedding apparel.

2000 to today

As brides increasingly let their attendants choose dresses, bridesmaids started looking sexier and showing more arms, back and décolletage, Powell says. Though the focus is still on the bride, her friends also get to look feminine and lovely.

Vision Board: Pink & Green Dream

Green & Pink a match made in heaven!

Thursday First Dance: Breathe - Faith Hill

This is a lovely song for all the country music fans.

I can feel the magic floating in the air
Being with you gets me that way...

Vision Board: Apricot

Adoring Apricot...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vision Board: Tiffany's Blue

Adding a touch of T&C!

Afternoon Delight: Mojito

3 Drops
Angostura Bitters
2 Shots White Rum
1 Shot Lime Juice
Top up Soda
1 Teaspoon Sugar Syrup


Free online subscription to Inspire Bridal Magazine!

Free online subscription to Inspire Bridal Magazine!

Envisioning Your Event

I have just read this great & informative article on Pink Frosting’s website.

Before you even begin to plan your party, ask yourself this simple question: "what is the overall impression I want to give to my guests?"

What statement do you want to make? Do you imagine a sophisticated cocktail soiree with a black and white backdrop and smooth jazz in the air? Or a garden party with a large marquee in the backyard, vintage jugs of blooms and plates of ribbon sandwiches and butterfly cakes on the tables? Or is it a family affair you're after, with an old-fashioned barbecue, dozens of helium balloons and face painting for the kids?

Ask yourself:
- What do you want guests to say about your party?
- How do you want guests to feel?
- How do you want to remember about your party?

Taking the time to create your own party inspiration board can bring your dream theme to reality. Inspiration boards (also called story or mood boards) are the best way to pull all your ideas together to create a unified theme. Inspiration boards also help you to gain a ‘big picture' view of what works well together (and what doesn't).

Start by scouring magazines and the internet for images that capture your imagination. Think wild and expansively - don't let yourself be limited by budget (in the first instance, at least!)

From there, start to assemble your inspiration board, which can include fabric swatches, cut outs from magazines, family photographs, words and inspirations. Then, colour copy the board and hang it in a place that will remind you of your party inspiration.

The inspiration board will keep you focused on your party theme, and also provide your party suppliers with a snapshot of your vision.

Check out Pink Frosting's website.

Pink Frosting is Australia's premier online wedding shop. Buy wedding bomboniere, wedding favors, decorations, cake and cupcake decorations, parasols, party invitations, baby shower decorations, baby gifts, Christmas decorations and more securely online.

Wedding Cake Wednesday: Jezzabelle (Sticky Fingers Cakes)

This wedding cake is gorgeous the details are extremely intricate.
More than twenty years on the Gold Coast has seen Sticky Fingers become an icon in decorated cakes. A cake from us is widely acclaimed as a "must have for your perfect day". The exquisite designs and the mouth watering cake flavours combine to complete the perfect wedding or other occasion.

Kim Fryer, proprietor of Sticky Fingers and award winning cake decorator, has more than twenty years of professional experience, she has seen many trends come and go. Her extensive travel to places such as Paris, London and New York and her love of innovation, has inspired her to combine ideas from cake styles the world over into her vast range, setting the pace in design for South East Queensland.

Visit for more cake designs

Wedding Video: Talk About a Quickie Wedding!

Short and Sweet – obviously arranged by the Groom!

Very Funny!

Vision Board: That's Gold

That's gold, always believe in That's Gold! by definitelymaybe featuring Forzieri shoes

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Professional Conference Organisers Association 2009 Annual Conference

Professionalism – Pricing – Performance – Promotion
"For the times they are a changing"

National Convention Centre - Canberra

Sunday 13 to Tuesday 15 December, 2009.

Who Should Attend - From Australia & New Zealand
o Directors/owners of independent Conference and Event Management Companies
o Employees of Independent Conference and Event Management Companies
o In-house Association Conference and Event Managers, Supervisors/Coordinators
o In-house Government Conference and Event Managers, Supervisors/Coordinators
o In-house Corporate Conference and Event Managers, Supervisors/Coordinators Conference and Event Management Educators
o Event Managers

Key Dates
1. Email broadcast with announcement and call for abstracts - 6th of June 2009
2. Abstract submission will be open until the 29th of August 2009
3. All speakers will be notified of the status of their submission by the 14th September 2009
4. Provisional program will be published in late September 2009

Early bird opens on the 20th of JULY 2009
Early bird closes on the 14th of SEPTEMBER 2009

Contact PCO for more details.

Vision Board: A Little Ray of Sunshine

When the big day turns to hell - wedding nightmares

By Xanthe Kleinig

"AS HER wedding limo raced backwards downhill a vision of a bride in a blood-spattered dress flashed through Angela Ceberano's mind."

To read more on this article visit the
Daily Telegraph.

event THIS tip – The moral of the story is to use an experienced event professional to ensure your wedding day is organised, planned and managed to avoid this kind of mishap!

Rock the Reception

Looks like it might have been the Groom's idea?

Vision Board: All the Colours of the Rainbow

I can see a rainbow!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Vision Board: Bold Black and White

Bold Black and White - understated elegance.

black & white wedding
black & white wedding by • silent 3 • featuring Christian Louboutin shoes

Dress Pick of the Week: Evita by Helena Couture Designs

Multi Award Winning Bridal Designer, Helena Couture Designs transforms bridal gowns into art.

Based on the Gold Coast, Helena strives for unique, individual and personalised excellence in every creation.

The gowns are designed individually, taking into consideration the bride's character and figure shape.

Buy direct and save 30% - 50% off retail prices.

Visit for more information.

Groom's Gear Pick of the Week: Noosa by Formal Wear Express

This suit is very mod - I love that there isn't a tie!

The F.W.E. Classics collection is synonymous with up-to-the-minute fashion with classic styling. This collection features rich wool blend fabrics in both lounge and formal suit styling. The timeless elegance of this range extends over standard, three-quarter and trench length jackets.

FormalWear Express specialises in hiring the very latest and best in men’s formal wear fashions Australia wide. Whether you're attending a wedding, ball, school formal or any other black tie gala affair, they can meet your needs.

For your convenience, they can either do in-home, at work or on-site fittings! They deliver to your door prior to your wedding or special occasions and pick up after, thus taking all the inconvenience out of hiring your suit and accessories.

For more info visit

Vision Board: Lets Go Down to the Sand

Brilliant bursts of blue & the star fish name tags are very cute!

Supplier Spotlight: Romana Saeheng

Another fantastic wedding shot from Romana Saeheng.

Afternoon Delight: Fruit Salad Cooler


1 Shot
Russian Standard Vodka
1.5 Shots De Kuyper Crème De Bananes
1 Shot Cranberry Juice
1 Shot Apple Juice


Vision Board: Shamrock Green

My Irish Heritage is coming out in me - this is stunning!

Wedding in the garden...
Wedding in the garden... by Almuu on

Vision Board: A touch of Tangerine

This zesty look is so refreshing!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Helpful Hint: Event/Party – How many glasses will I need?

All good intentions aside there is no way you are going to want to be washing up glasses during your event.

Preferably, you should have 3-4 glasses per person. This will permit for several drinks, and takes into consideration the drinks that get misplaced and/or forgotten about.

A helpful way of trying to encourage guests to keep hold of their glasses is to use “glass name tags”.

Image credits: 1) event THIS, 2) Cristina Re & 3) Five Spice Duck

What are your logo colours really saying?

By Tony Eades

Corporate colours contain hidden meanings, so what are they secretly saying about your business

Choose your primary logo and business theme colours carefully, as every colour has a subliminal meaning that should reflect your style and theme of business.

Black signifies dignity, sophistication and authority.

Red stirs senses and passion and is associated with power and energy.

Read more:

Vision Board: Small Town Bride

Quaint country setting & elements...

Small Town Bride.
Small Town Bride. by Bomchickawahwah:P featuring Monsoon accessories

Find the Right Wedding Planner

By Brandi McFarland

While the mere thought of a wedding may be exciting, sometimes the planning alone can become quite overwhelming. If a bride can afford to do so, hiring a wedding planner can prove to be beneficial. Wedding planners assist brides with initial planning, budget tracking, venue selection, coordination of events and more.


Vision Board: White on White

Luminescent white with sparkles...

Check out

Wedding by Mateo Ja featuring Red Herring shoes

Vision Board: Mountain Marriage

I really like this theme it is something different!

Vision Board: A Rush of Blush

The Color Pink
The Color Pink by Chanahan_6 on

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Check out the Farmers that want a Wife!

I can’t wait for Channel 9’s Series Four of the Farmer Wants a Wife!

Check out some of the farmers for this year’s series!

Wedding Thriller

Vision Board: Choc Peppermint

Brown/Green Wedding
Brown/Green Wedding by Chanahan_6 on

Do You Really Need A Wedding Planner?

Author: Garry Neale

A wedding planner is an expert at weddings and since most regular folks only get married once or twice in a lifetime. A planner can serve in numerous capacities from concierge to coordinator, and everything in between. They can almost certainly point you in the right direction for all your wedding needs.

Read more on this article.

Vision Board: Monochromatic Black and White

And The Bride Wore Black
And The Bride Wore Black by wingweaver on

Vision Board: Tiffany Inspired

1. torn.
1. torn. by nadiya hearts derek. on

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday First Dance: Moon River - Frank Sinatra

Apologies as I am a few hours late with this post!

This iconic song was featured in Breakfast at Tiffany’s as well as in the Sex & the City series (Big and Carrie).

I love this song it’s very charming.

Two drifters off to see the world.
There's such a lot of world to see.
We're after the same rainbow's end...
waiting 'round the bend,
my huckleberry friend,
Moon River and me.

Awesome Wedding Entrance!

Vision Board: Cakes with Flower Detail

Wedding cakes (for a contest)
Wedding cakes (for a contest) by Livika (NO GROUP INVITES!!!) on

Vision Board: Brighten Up Your Day

A Bright Day
A Bright Day by ♥petaliferous♥ on

Wedding Fragrance Friday: Sarah Jessica Parker "Covet Pure Bloom"

Out of all the SJP scents this is my absolute favourite!

Covet Pure Bloom is the extraordinary fragrant jewel with radiant top notes of purple plum, mandarin, and coconut water that flood the senses. Blooming floral heart notes of Tuberose, Royal Indonesian Pikake and Jasmine release a pure, sweet perfume. Sensuous base notes of Glowing Amber, Creamy Musks, Orris, and Warm Sandalwood ripple in waves of soft seduction. There are shoes, and then there are stilettos. There’s jewellery, and then there are diamonds.

There’s dessert, and then there’s chocolate. There are flowers, and then there are lush tropicals.

Classification: Floral, Crisp, White Flower

Style: Impulsive, indulgent, irresistible

For more information visit Perfume Empire.

Vision Board: Ruby Romance

From this moment on - red wedding
From this moment on - red wedding by bona dea (b&w wedding contest) featuring Roberto Cavalli shoes

Vision Board: Anyone for a Cupcake?

Cupcakes - PPB
Cupcakes - PPB by jangold (BLOG UPDATED DAILY) on

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vision Board: Choc Purple

a purple & chocolate wedding...
a purple & chocolate wedding... by bubbatea (BUSY) on

Supplier Spotlight: Victoria Simon JP - Beautiful Moment (Celebrant)

I have had the pleasure of working with Victoria on a number of occasions. She really does mould a ceremony to fit the personal style and vision of the couple she is marrying.

Victoria will create a unique ceremony for you, ensuring that the words, readings and symbols capture your desire to celebrate in a way that reflects what you most value.

Putting together your ceremony can't be rushed ~ she will spend time to ensure that your ceremony contributes to a beautiful and memorable day that is rich with happiness and warmth with special moments to remember.

For more information visit

See Victoria in action - event THIS

Vision Board: Blushing Blooms

LOVE IN PINK PPB by rluvsg on

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