Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spring | Autumn International Card Swap 2010

After being involved in two great swaps at the end of 2009, I wanted to keep the momentum going.... encourage some more communication with my social media pals and meet some new people hence the Spring Autumn International Card Swap was born!

There are a number of excited Aussie and USA ladies that wanting to be involved – so the more the merrier!

You don’t need to be a wedding or event professional/supplier - anyone can be involved!


If you would like to be involved with the greeting card swap email with “Spring Autumn International Card Swap” in the subject heading by 1 February 2010.

Include the following details in your email:

Full Name ::
Postal Address ::
Email Address ::
Blog Address (if applicable) ::
Website Address (if applicable) ::
Twitter Name (if applicable) ::
FaceBook Page/Profile (if applicable) ::

By 8 February 2010 you will receive an email with up to 5 swappers contact details to send your cards to.

There are two (2) card options that you have to choose from:

- Handmade by Someone :: try or support one of your local favourite suppliers!

- Handmade by Yourself :: if you have knowhow, the skills or just want to give it ago make your own cards!

For extra fun :: try to include your favourite wedding, event or party tip! (Remember to email with your tip so we can compile a “Swappers Tips” PDF to share the love with all involved)!

Your cards must be sent out by 1 March 2010 to ensure they are received by 20 March (USA’s official start date of Spring).

Remember that international postage rates will apply.

To avoid disappointment of swappers, if you cannot commit to the swap please do not sign up, but keep checking back with us to see how it all went.

You are only limited by your own imagine!
Happy Swapping!



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