Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wedding 360 Scholarship Winner Selected

Wedding 360 has selected their Green Acres winner.... CONGRATULATIONS to Yelena Johnson of the Stylish Soiree – see her winning entry here.

Wedding 360 says - It has been a really fun project for us to go over all 14 different creative entries for the scholarship contest. Thank you so much to each of you who participated, as your creativity and different perspectives were very interesting and inspiring to us.

Comments to Jazz Tyrril-Smart of event THIS on the Aussie Chic Wedding entry:

Gloria Wong - Out of all the entries, I think this one was the most well-written! Jazz does an amazing job with her descriptions!

Jean Marks (Partner, Wedding 360 LLC) - I want to thank you so much for taking the time to create such an appropriate, thoroughly personal and authentic representation, with an Australian flavor, of the opposites design challenge!

I appreciate the way you made comments on each entry post, with your vote of good luck to each one...that is the kind of mutual respect and encouragement we love to see...I hope to meet you in March, at The Academy for Planners + Designers...you already have lots of friends here who will be eager to see you in person!

To view Jazz Tyrril-Smart's full entry click here.

Jazz's comments to Wedding 360 - Thank you for the feedback – it was a great experience to be involved in.

In Australia we don’t tend to do “Aussie” style weddings – the wedding styles are more like the norm of vintage glam, black and white, beach weddings etc – so it was great to push the boundaries and remember how great our country is.

I hope to have a client in the future I can use some of these ideas on!

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