Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bridal Trends for 2010

I found this post on Australian Bridal Trends for 2010 on the Event Experts site and couldn't agree more with the below trends outlined!

As most of you will know we are about to enter wedding season and as such I always like to start looking to see what the new seasons trends will be. There are certainly some strong contenders and there are those that are left over from the end of last season. Below I have listed some of the strongest trends I have identified for 09/10:

Destination Weddings - with the World Economic Crisis still having an effect this is an option that many couples are now considering. There are plenty of advantages, not least of which is the fact that you are effectively combining your wedding with your honeymoon and saving a substantial amount of money in the meantime. For those of you with clients who struggle to keep the number of guests to a manageable amount, a Destination Wedding will certainly help to lower the number as not all guests will be able to afford to go. On a happier note, you are more likely to have good weather if travelling to somewhere like the Whitsundays than staying in Melbourne.
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Bridesmaids in mis-matched dresses - this is another emerging trend that originates from the States. Think S.A.T.C with Samantha, Charlotte & Miranda all in different colour dresses to Carrie’s wedding that nearly was.
Image: Sugar Weddings

On the Day Help - yes its official Aussie Brides have finally started seeing through the clouds & realised that a wedding planner does more than just plan the wedding. Recent research shows that more and more Aussie Brides are hiring a wedding planner to coordinate the day itself as a stand alone service. Some still prefer to plan most of the wedding themselves but bring in a professional for the day of the wedding.

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Hot vibrant colours - weddings have always been led by what is happening in the fashion industry, so it is no surprise to see that the strong colours of the 1980’s are hitting their way back into weddings. There is a high demand for hot & vibrant colours such as hot pink, canary yellow & burnt orange.

Image: Love to Know

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